Wet Nesting (Arizona)

June 21, 2022

During the initial tour of the kitchen, the surveyor observed the pots and pans were “nested” wet. Wet nesting occurs when two recently washed items are placed together preventing proper airflow to complete the drying process. In a moist, dark, low-air environment, unseen bacteria can grow unchecked and suddenly those pans become a biological incident waiting to happen. For this reason, there is a high probability of receiving a citation by the state surveyor.

After the surveyor left the kitchen, the Crandall RD did an inservice with the dietary associates on proper washing and drying of pots and pans before stacking them in a storage location. She also came up with a new system for drying pots and pans by ordering a drying rack on wheels due to limited space in the pot and pan area. The RD then requested the surveyor come see what she had done to immediately correct the problem. The community was deficiency free.

Categories: Sanitation