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DietEssentials by CrandallMenus

Resident card and weight variance

Take Full Advantage of Your CrandallMenus Subscription by Pairing It With Diet Essentials

Diet Essentials is Crandall’s resident card and weight management solution. Our goal is to make meal service easier for your staff and more accurate.

Our weight management features include...

  • Various print formats with/without the meal
  • Portions that can print for each meal item
  • A resident summary report generated as dietary interview/pre-screen documentation
  • Ability to manage high-risk residents, if necessary
  • Several EMR integrations with Diet Essentials
  • Comprehensive reporting for CDM/RD and nursing

Our resident card features include...

  • Tracking weekly weights and their variances
  • Tracking 1, 3, and 6 month weights and their variances
  • Monitoring significant and insidious (trending) weight changes
  • Calculating BMI
  • Viewing and graphing a person’s weight history
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“CrandallMenus, with Diet Essentials, gives us a ‘One Stop Shop’ for a complete, integrated system.”

“The Diet Essentials resident information program integrates flawlessly with the menus, as well as with our electronic medical records company. This way, we eliminate diet errors and ensure regulatory compliance throughout our organization.”

Jay Paynter

Corporate Director of Nutritional Services
Southern Healthcare Management

Sample Resident Card

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