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Corporate Services

Crandall Provides One Point of Contact for All Your Consulting Dietitian Needs, Regardless of the Number of Communities You Manage or The Number of States Where You Operate

Crandall provides nationwide services, so we know the federal and state regulations where you operate. We help you consistently deliver quality dining programs to all of your communities. Learn more about the benefits and services Crandall offers:

Corporate Dietitian Role

Regional/ Divisional Dietitians

Corporate Specific Forms, Policies and Training

Dietary Analytics/Scored Reports

Customized Menus

Regulatory and Risk Mitigation Strategies

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Corporate Dietitian Role

Many large senior living companies have the position of Corporate Registered Dietitian, or something similarly named. These dietetic professionals, with years of schooling and experience, guide the policies and procedures of the company related to nutrition and its impact on patient and resident care. Their perspective can be invaluable to leadership and overall quality.

Crandall now brings the benefits of a Corporate Dietitian to any senior living company, regardless of size, and without the significant price tag. When you hire Crandall, you get experts in policy, regulations, menus, and more.

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Regional & Divisional Dietitians

Crandall is one of the only dietitian firms in the country with a national structure of regional and divisional dietitians. These leaders support the hundreds of Crandall dietitians in the field and provide personalized attention and support to our corporate customers.

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Corporate Specific Forms, Policies, and Training

Crandall often works with corporations that have their own established forms and policies. We gladly support their foodservice, dining, maintenance, and clinical processes. Crandall also partners with corporate leaders to provide effective trainings that uphold corporate standards. When requested, Crandall can evaluate your current systems and provide a detailed summary of changes needed to assure all state and federal guidelines are met.

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Dietary Analytics &
Scored Reports

Data-driven decisions are not just for finance and marketing. Company leaders rely on Crandall’s quantitative reports of nutrition and dining operations as a powerful tool to improve performance. Analytics include sanitation, meal service, staff development, budget, control, and nutritional assessment. Identify trends quickly and allocate scarce resources more efficiently.

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Customized Menus

Stand out from the crowd with menus that reflect your corporation’s objectives while also catering to regional and cultural differences. At the same time, improve management efficiency by strengthening your purchasing power to contain costs. Providing a corporate-specific menu helps community staff to focus on priorities, save time, and easily transition between seasonal menu options. Communities also have the ability to customize CrandallMenus to their residents’ preferences and needs.

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Regulatory and Risk Mitigation Strategies

Our management team brings unparalleled expertise in dietary regulations and operations that prove beneficial when meeting with surveyors or addressing actual or potential litigation. Need someone to consult with your management and legal team? Crandall’s CEO, Linda Crandall, is one of the best expert witnesses in the business!

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"Crandall Corporate Dietitians has been Sunrise's longstanding and valuable partner.”

“Providing our communities with experienced and knowledgeable dietitians to support our residents' nutritional needs. The entire Crandall team consistently demonstrates their core values of dedication, professionalism, and customer service. I would recommend Crandall to any organization looking for a mature and responsive industry leader as their consultant dietitian."

Caitlin Rogers

VP Dining & Nutrition Services

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