Utilizing Web-based Menus Shouldn’t be a Survey Issue (Tennessee)

July 30, 2023

chef survey


An assisted living community was recently surveyed. Upon entering the community, the surveyor requested the dietitian approved menu cycles for the past 3 months. Unfortunately, the dining director was out on leave and the lead cook was covering those responsibilities in their absence. When the cook printed the menus, they provided the surveyor with unsigned/not approved menus. The surveyor was concerned and reached out to the consulting dietitian. The consulting dietitian, knowing the menu system, was able to locate and print the approved menus for the past 6 months.

How could this situation have been avoided? The cook should have been trained on how to use and print the correct menus. Also, a survey binder could have been prepared ahead of time that has the menus and any other items that surveyors typically inquire about through the survey process. This makes the survey process much easier and shows the surveyor that you are prepared.

Categories: Meal Service, Staff Development