Taking the Pre-survey Review Process Seriously (Arizona)

May 10, 2022

During a pre-survey review, a long-term care community scored only a 51% overall on the sanitation section. They identified several maintenance issues, such as: frost inside freezer due to freezer door being broken, hot water setting set too high, the seal around the plate liner was broken, chipped floor tiles and the ceiling vents were not clean, etc. They also noticed that the temp logs were incomplete for the pot and pan washing area and the dishwashing area. Finally, it was discovered that food items were not properly labeled with the dates and most of the new employees were not using gloves properly.

In response, the long-term care community implemented a plan of correction. Work orders were written for the maintenance items to be fixed immediately. Inservices and trainings were provided to the staff on how to complete the temp logs and proper glove use. An AM and PM sanitation checklist was implemented and posted in the kitchen. A registered dietitian conducted weekly follow-ups. State surveyors arrived shortly after the community fixed the sanitation concerns. The community was deficiency-free!

Categories: Sanitation, Staff Development