Does Every Piece of Equipment Need to Be On the Cleaning Schedule? (Florida)

September 1, 2023

Working as Cleaner

F812 Food Procurement, Store/Prepare/Serve Sanitary is one of the most cited F-Tags for Food and Nutrition departments in the nation. Recently, a surveyor in Florida identified that there were multiple pieces of equipment that were dirty, and there was a service hall that was shut down during the survey due to the area being unsanitary. The community and corporate team reached out to their dietitian to assist with the plan of correction. The plan of correction included updating the cleaning schedules to reflect all equipment and areas that the Food and Nutrition department is responsible for. Staff are required to sign off that the cleaning was completed per the daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. The dietitian did recommend that the Food and Nutrition Director verify that the cleaning was completed and not just signed off on. At Crandall, we call this Believe but Verify.

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