My Journey with Crandall Liz S.

February 1, 2024

My journey with Crandall began at Brigham Young University, where I had the opportunity of meeting Linda Crandall. She came and spoke to my dietetics class a couple times while I was a student. Linda is a figure of inspiration and dedication and she left a lasting impression on me. Her passion, knowledge, and commitment to excellence were evident in every interaction, and I found myself deeply influenced by her charisma and wisdom. Fast forward to last year, in my academic journey I received the Crandall Scholarship for my master’s program. This achievement was more than just financial support, it was a validation of my aspirations and hard work. The journey with Crandall took a turn when I was offered a position at Crandall Corp Dietitians. The moment I received the offer, I was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions – joy, gratitude, and a sense of achievement. It felt like a dream turning into reality, a testament to the hard work and dedication I had put in over the years. I look forward to learning from seasoned dietitians, engaging in meaningful projects, and making a difference in people’s lives through our work.

Liz S.

Categories: Employment