From Good to Great Monica M.

October 24, 2023

During a recent visit to one of my communities, I couldn’t help but reflect on my initial encounter with this facility in March. This was one of the first sites I assessed after joining Crandall. During that first visit, I vividly recall walking through the kitchen and being taken aback by the subpar conditions. The sanitation practices were notably deficient, and the absence of temperature checks and structured programs raised significant concerns. I questioned the safety of consuming anything prepared in that kitchen at that time.


Fast forward to June, and I was pleasantly surprised to witness remarkable improvements. The facility had embraced the feedback and recommendations I had provided in my initial audit.


During my most recent visit, I observed a continued and substantial transformation. The kitchen now presents itself as an entirely different space compared to what it was in March. In discussions with the DSD and the Chef, they proudly mentioned that they had successfully undergone an internal kitchen audit, receiving commendable feedback. The auditor was particularly impressed with their diligence in maintaining comprehensive logs and having different systems in place to aid in sanitation.


The DSD and Chef attributed their accomplishments to Crandall and our auditing process. They expressed how our rigorous standards have motivated them to strive for excellence, enabling them to provide the best possible care to residents. Furthermore, they shared that the facility had recently passed its state relicensing survey with only one deficiency, which I had previously discussed during my last visit. Their willingness to address this issue underscores the impact of our audits in fostering continuous improvement.


I wanted to share this positive review with you all as it reflects the profound difference we make in enhancing the quality of care and safety at the facilities we serve.

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