Kitchen Appliance Safety (California)

June 14, 2022

A Crandall RD was in survey when the Life Safety inspector asked to see records on kitchen appliance inspections. The RD asked the inspector to explain what a kitchen appliance inspection entailed. The inspector stated that under fire safety codes, all cooking equipment (including small appliances such as microwaves, hot plates, toasters, etc.) needed to be inspected and serviced at least annually by properly trained and qualified persons. Equipment and maintenance manuals should be readily available, and safety labels and operating instructions on the appliance should be legible. A record of equipment tests and repairs should be maintained to demonstrate compliance. The appliances also need to have an approved designated storage location, so that after an appliance has been used, it should be returned to its designated spot. This is not a new regulation, but it has rarely been enforced. The Life Safety inspector stated that this will now be audited more regularly.

The RD notified Crandall Corporate Dietitians, who immediately added an emphasis to their audit tool and created an inservice to pass on the information. The inspector appreciated the quick response with these changes, and the community was deficiency free.

Categories: Environment - Life Safety