Keeping the Dishes Clean (Arizona)

November 1, 2022

During the tour of the kitchen, a surveyor watched the dishwashing process in action. The surveyor observed several food particles on the clean side of the dish washing area. As the dishwasher was stacking dishes and cookware that had gone through the dish machine on the drying rack, the surveyor found several of these items with food debris still on them. After the dishwasher had finished washing dishes and cleaning the dishwashing surfaces, the surveyor observed that food particles and debris remained on the clean side of the dish washing area. The surveyor cited the community for failure to ensure dish equipment, dishes, and cookware were properly cleaned.

When the Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) was alerted to the surveyors’ observations, they immediately cleaned the entire dish washing area. The dish machine food trap was thoroughly cleaned to remove built up food debris that had accumulated and was getting pushed back up into the dish machine during the washing cycle. This was what was causing food particles to remain on the dishes and cookware and getting pushed over to the clean side of the dishwashing area. The CDM did an inservice on proper dishwashing procedures and how to clean the dish machine correctly for all the dining staff on duty. The CDM also pulled the competency checklist for the employee who was observed following incorrect procedure. The dishwasher had a completed competency checklist however, it was past due for the annual review and update. The CDM completed an updated competency checklist on the employee. To ensure the dish machine food trap was cleaned routinely, the CDM added this to the dishwashing cleaning schedule to be completed at a minimum of three times a day, after each meal.

Categories: Sanitation, Staff Development