Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM)

February 28, 2023

Did you know that in states that have adopted the 2017 FDA Food Code, that a person in charge of food safety be on premises throughout all hours of operation? 15 states have adopted the 2017 FDA Food Code. The states are Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington. Virginia has made the decision to give communities until June 24, 2023, to adopt the 2017 FDA Food Code.

Dietary managers and dining directors can meet this standard by completing an ANSI approved food management course. ServSafe is the most well-known and can be found at https://www.servsafe.com/ServSafe-Manager/Buy-Manager-Products. Managers can also attend another ANSI approved course food manager course. Check your states department of health website to see which courses are accepted by your state. A Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) certificate is another way to meet this requirement. The manager must maintain the credential to be considered a CFPM.

Stay tuned, the 2022 FDA Food was just released and states are considering adopting it.



Source: FDA Code, Adoption of the FDA Food Code by State and Territorial Agencies Responsibilities for the Oversight of Restaurants and/or Retail Food Stores

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