Focus on Resident Dignity During Dining (Nevada)

February 10, 2024



Resident dignity is a top priority for residents in senior living communities. A community was recently cited on F-Tag 550 for staff standing over resident while assisting them to eat. Guidance for this requirement is provided below.


GUIDANCE §483.10


(a)-(b)(1)&(2) Examples of treating residents with dignity and respect include, but are not limited to:


  1. Encouraging and assisting residents to dress in their own clothes, rather than hospital-type gowns, and appropriate footwear for the time of day and individual preferences;
  2. Placing labels on each resident’s clothing in a way that is inconspicuous and respects his or her dignity (for example, placing labeling on the inside of shoes and clothing or using a color coding system);
  3. Promoting resident independence and dignity while dining, such as avoiding:
    • Daily use of disposable cutlery and dishware;
    • Bibs or clothing protectors instead of napkins (except by resident choice);
    • Staff standing over residents while assisting them to eat;
    • Staff interacting/conversing only with each other rather than with residents while assisting with meals

To properly assist a resident, staff must be sitting eye level and provide verbal cuing per the residents’ plan of care. Not assisting residents correctly can lead to decreased intakes and weight loss.

Categories: Meal Service, Nutritional Assessment, Staff Development