Did They Really Dislike Pureed Bread? (California)

May 24, 2022

During a recent State Survey, it was identified that the assisted living community was not serving pureed bread or pureed salad to their residents that were ordered a puree diet.  These residents had been appropriately charted that they required a puree diet, but they had also indicated that they disliked the pureed bread and pureed salad.  They had not been offered an alternative to replace those menu items to replace the appropriate nutrients.  Residents must be offered an appropriate alternative when a food or beverage is refused.

In response, the community surveyed the residents to identify appropriate replacements for the puree bread and pureed salad menu items.  Residents requested vegetable juice as one alternative to the pureed salads. Other starches were proposed as possible options to replace the puree bread, but the community learned that the residents actually enjoyed the pureed bread with a little sugar and cinnamon added to it.

Categories: Meal Service