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We’ll look at the following areas…

RD hours

Using our established criteria that considers size, acuity, admits, and other factors, we’ll let you know what an appropriate number of monthly hours should be.

Dietary Staffing

Once again, using data collected from thousands of communities, we’ll let you know how many weekly staff hours you should have in place considering your census, food budget, equipment, facility, etc.


One of the easiest ways to blow your budget, we will look at how you meet the needs of residents with special diets and nutritional needs and provide suggestions on ways to reduce costs.


We don’t do a full review like we do with our Comprehensive Budget Analysis, but we’ll ask a few questions about distributors, pricing, storage, etc. to determine if there is a more efficient way to purchase groceries.

After looking at these areas we’ll provide you with a short, personalized report to share with management and owners. You have nothing to lose so contact us today. If you want a full review with written suggestions, consider purchasing our very affordable Pre-Survey Review and Comprehensive Budget Analysis. You’ll be glad you did.

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