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Rapid Response

There are times when next month, or even next week, is too late. Perhaps the state or federal surveyors just arrived, or a community is put on bed hold or under a plan of correction. Whatever the reason you need a dietitian right away. That is a great time to have the backing of the nation’s largest consulting dietitian firm.

With over 350 dietitians and a full-time office staff, Crandall stands ready to help you with:

1. Surveys – call us as soon as surveyors show up and we will be there just when you need us most. Even though our pre-survey process will have already identified areas of focus, we stand ready to assist you through this critical annual event.
2. Bed Holds – in the unfortunate event you have a community on bed hold, call us and we can immediately begin working with your team to address any dietary issues that are part of the finding(s).
3. A Challenging Nutrition Assessment – we help you put your residents first by assisting with complicated tube feeding calculations,