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The year 2022 marks Linda’s 56th year as a Registered Dietitian. Never has there been a better time to be a dietitian and make a difference in the lives of others. Whether just starting out, or a dietetic veteran, you have set yourself apart. We hope you’ll consider Crandall Corporate Dietitians as a place of employment, but even if we’re not a good fit for now, we wish you tremendous success and hope you’ll stay in touch.

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A Position to Fit Your Lifestyle

There are many reasons why consulting dietitians love working for Crandall. Flexible schedules, prompt payment, the immediate availability of support, and an active, involved management team are just a few of them. Watch this brief video to learn more from our valued dietitians on why they enjoy working for Crandall.

Meet Some of Our Dietitians

professional, passionate, and hard working

Amy Lynn Holm

Amy Lynn Holm

Registered Dietitian

san Diego, CA

After my first interview phone call, I was beaming. I had finally found a clinical position in an organization that valued my skillset

Donna Howard

Donna Howard

Registered Dietitian

Fredericksburg, VA

All of the Crandall staff practice the lost art of integrity and are super friendly, helpful and fun to talk with. I always look forward to

Donna Vene-Dwyer

Donna Vene-Dwyer

Registered Dietitian

Harrisburg, PA

I absolutely love being a part of the Crandall Corporate Dietitians team! As an experienced RD, I feel

Laura Last

Laura Last

Registered Dietitian

Los Angeles, CA

I love the work I do at Crandall because I feel like our values define who we are and what we do. Without those being our underlying

Rhonda Phillips

Rhonda Phillips

Registered Dietitian

Mesa, AZ

Writing why I like working for Crandall in a single paragraph is a very hard thing for me to do. There are many reasons why I love my

typical profile of a

Successful Crandall Dietitian

Works part-time for Crandall. May have other employment or additional contracts

5+ years experience as a dietitian in healthcare and/or senior living

Ages range from 25-75 years old

The majority have a Master's degree

Service communities close to their home

Insurance benefits received from a different position or source

Wide variety and range of computer skills

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Nutrition Support for Residents

In this video, Karen Williams, RD, provides a glimpse of the work a Crandall RD will experience in their day-to-day work in senior living communities which include Crandall Systems, management, kitchen support, and nutrition care for residents.

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To learn more about our employment opportunities at Crandall please reach out to Human Resources by completing our inquiry form, email us at or call at 888-546-3273.